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What to Consider When Looking for a Home Addition Contractor in Cleveland

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

There are plenty of benefits that come from a home addition. First of all, you and your family simply get more space. It can function as a new shared space, a bedroom, or a new option for storage. A new addition can also increase your home's overall value down the road as well, which is always a good thing to consider.

Whatever your reason for wanting an addition might be, though, Marks Building Co. wants to be the home extension contractor you work with.

The Perfect Contractor for All Home Additions in Northeast Ohio

You don't get to be in business for more than 35 years without doing a few things right. At Marks Building Co., we have an attention to detail and a commitment to customer service that is truly second to none.

And perhaps most importantly, we are a full construction company, doing everything from complete new builds to every type of residential remodeling and renovation project imaginable - kitchens, decks, bathrooms, you name it. That, of course, includes home additions as well.

Before beginning a home addition project, there's so much to consider. Not only is your overall budget something to think about, but there are permits, building codes, and inspections to take care of, knowing your property lines, and understanding what the impact of an addition might be to your home's overall architecture.

Luckily, Marks Building Co., can take of the entire process for you, putting your mind at ease. We'll work within your budget and be upfront and transparent with you about the costs associated with the project. Our team will take care of everything related to permits and inspections, and we'll adhere to your design in a clear project timeline that we'll stick to, interrupting your daily life as little as possible throughout the entire process.

Where Does Marks Building Co. Do Home Extensions?

We work throughout Northeast Ohio, constructing all types of home additions for residents as far east as Painesville and Chardon, going all the way down south to Hudson, Stow and beyond. No matter what your home construction or remodeling project might be, our team is ready to make it happen within your budget.

Be sure to reach out to our home extension team today to get a free estimate - we look forward to working with you!

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