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Northeast Ohio's Deck Resurfacing Experts 

Contact Us for Your Next Deck Project

Marks Building Co. offers a wide variety of deck services to its clients throughout the Northeast Ohio region. With more than 35 years of experience working in all types of home construction projects throughout Cleveland and Akron/Canton area, we have done everything imaginable in the world of decks. That includes full deck construction and repair, along with deck resurfacing, working with wood and composite materials.

What Is Deck Resurfacing?

Northeast Ohio is home to tough winters and the occasional brutal summer. It's a perk of living in the region to truly enjoy all four seasons so intensely, but the weather here can wreak havoc on your deck, as you likely already know.

And if you've had a deck at your home for a while, it might be time to consider a resurfacing project. The process of deck resurfacing involves replacing the deck boards, along with anything else that the deck needs, including the railing, stairs, and even the frame and foundation itself.

If you're potentially considering a deck resurfacing project, the Marks Building Co. team can absolutely help. With more than three decades of experience in working with decks of all kinds, you can trust that our team will do the job right. 

What Does a Deck Resurfacing Project Look Like?

When starting on a resurfacing project, our team will do the following:

  • Inspect the entire foundation and framing of the deck to determine whether it can still be used. When it comes to resurfacing a deck, it's important to thoroughly review the deck from a safety standpoint, and determine whether the project is feasible given the age and wear and tear of the deck itself.

  • Meet with you to discuss your thoughts on the project; if you have a wood deck, do you want to replace the boards with wood, or are you thinking about switching to a composite deck?

  • Install the new deck - along with anything else that was discussed previously, such as a new pergola - with our experienced team 

A Deck Resurfacing Contractor You Can Trust

Who doesn't love a good Cleveland summer? And if you've got a deck, the summer months are even better. But if you feel like it's time to improve your existing deck after years of use, a resurfacing project could be exactly what you need.

The Marks Building Co. team is excited to hear from you - contact us today and we'll have someone out to your home to inspect the deck and provide a quote that outlines every aspect of the project from start to finish. We provide ourselves not just on our work ethic, but our transparency in everything that we do, in addition to establish strong relationships with our customers. It's the secret ingredient to being around for nearly forty years to this point.

We'll work with any deck in the Northeast Ohio area, so be sure to reach out today and we'll have your deck looking brand-new in no time.

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