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Screened-in Porch Construction in Cleveland

There are, of course, so many benefits to building a screened-in porch. For starters, you'll get year-round weather protection on the porch, which is no small thing in Northeast Ohio, given the brutal winters and stormy summers we're known for. You get the benefits of both outside living and indoor living all in one place, with so many options for customization throughout the year, along with increasing your home's square footage and adding another popular hangout spot where people will want to congregate.

If you're looking to add a screened-in porch to your own property, be sure to contact Marks Building Co. today. We are an experienced team of builders in Northeast Ohio, constructing screened-in porches - and all other types of porches and decks - for more than 35 years. We work with clients in all corners of the region, and we'd love to work with you, too!

Why You Should Choose Marks Building Co. for Your Screened-in Porch

A deck or porch is a beautiful addition to any home, but you could potentially get even more use out of a screened-in porch if it ends up making sense for your home and property. 

But where do you begin? How do you find the right company to work with to build the screened-in porch of your dreams?

Marks Building Co. has been working with Northeast Ohio homeowners for more than 35 years, as our team of contractors has experience working with every home project imaginable, from kitchen and bathroom makeovers to full new-build homes that are entirely custom. We also specialize in all types of deck and porch work, from building new outdoor spaces to repairing existing decks to ensure they continue looking great for years to come.

What Separates Us From Other Screen-in Porch Contractors?

The Marks Building team has a total focus on quality, but perhaps even more importantly, we will listen to you. Before we work together, we'll meet with you one-on-one to simply hear your vision for the perfect screened-in porch. Before we ever recommend a thing, we just want to know what excites you about enhancing your indoor/outdoor space. To us, the most important thing is your happiness with the project, and we can't get there unless we know what will make that happen.

Once we have your vision, we'll begin working on a project design that meets your needs and budget. We'll be in communication with you every step of the way to ensure you're comfortable, and our team will get to work on making your dream a reality.

Where We Do Our Screened-in Porch Construction

The Marks Building Co. team works all over Northeast Ohio and the greater Cleveland area. From the east and west-side suburbs to further south into Summit County and beyond, we look forward to building your new screened-in porch. Just a few of the areas we work with include:

  • Painesville, Mentor, Concord, Madison and Chardon

  • Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls and Chesterland

  • Stow, Hudson and more

So if you're in need of a screened-in porch builder dedicated to quality and the ability to complete an entirely custom project, be sure to call Marks Building Co. We can't wait to work with you!

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