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Signs Your Deck Might Need Repair Work

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Whether you want to host a cookout for family and friends during the dog days of summer, or enjoy quiet time outdoors without leaving home, your deck is an inviting space that you want to maintain well.

For the safety and comfort of all involved, it’s important to make sure your deck is in good condition before you fire up the grill.

Here are some signs your deck might need repair work:

Darker colors in the wood

If you are starting to notice a discoloration in the wood of your deck, which could signal that the wood is at risk of rotting, it’s time to contact professionals for assistance. Be especially aware of black spots on the deck, which could be mildew.

The wood is holding moisture

The wood of your deck has been treated to repel moisture, but it is possible that over time it will require certain pieces refinished, or even replaced. Winter weather like snow or heavy rains can wear down your deck over time (welcome to Northeast Ohio), so be sure to regularly inspect the wood for signs that it is holding, instead of repelling, moisture. Even treated wood can succumb to mold, mildew, and fungus if standing water rests on top of it for too long.

You notice soft areas in the wood

Soft areas of the deck are too important to ignore and need to be addressed. If any piece of wood on your deck now has a spongy texture, it could mean that it has dry rot, or is otherwise decaying. Once part of a deck is afflicted with dry rot, the rot can spread; it can also attract termites or other pests that will further break down the deck.

The boards of your deck have warped

Whenever the moisture in the air fluctuates, it puts the boards of your deck at risk for warping. Warping can occur when different pieces of a deck dry out at different rates. The part that dries first can shrink, making it uneven with the other pieces of the deck. If your deck is warping, there may be ways to fix it without replacing the boards, but contact a trusted deck repair company for more insight into your specific deck’s needs.

Popped nails and screws

When the moisture from the air accumulates on the wood of your deck, another issue may arise: nails and screws may “backout” or “pop” up. This means you may see the heads of nails or screws poking back out from the panels of your deck, and is also due to the way wet wood can shrink while it dries. You can hammer the nails back down as a temporary fix, but the underlying problem has not been solved.

Worried about the condition of your deck? Contact Marks Building Co. for assistance.

Now is a great time to make repairs to your deck, so that you are ready to host a barbecue or other gatherings outdoors once warmer weather arrives.

If any of these signs above are present on your deck, we want to help you find a solution, which could even include moving your current deck to a composite deck. Contact us today to learn more about what our team can do for you!

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