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Looking for a Custom Home Builder in Painesville? Choose Marks Building Co.!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Building a new home is an exciting endeavor. It can also be an overwhelming one.

First of all, you have to consider what type of home you want. And beyond that, you'll want to decide on every detail that will truly make it the home of your dreams. Do you want a ranch? A two-story? That might be the easiest choice to make. But do you want the laminate or granite countertops? What type of tile or flooring?

The fact is, building a new home requires working with a builder who not only understands every detail, but knows how important they are to you. And through our 35 years of service to Painesville residents and the rest of Northeast Ohio, we've built our reputation on taking the time to make the home building process an enjoyable one.

A New Home in Painesville: Why You Should Build With Us

For one thing, Marks Building Co. is based in Painesville. Our business was built and established here, and we have an intimate knowledge of Painesville and the rest of Lake County. Working with us means you're working with a member of the community.

And we work with Painesville homes on every type of project imaginable, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, deck and porch construction/repair, basement finishing, and so much more. Our dedication to quality work and superb customer service has gotten us this far, and we look forward to bringing that same level of service to you and your family.

We're Here to Answer All of Your Home Construction Questions

After a tumultuous few years, lumber has come back down to fairly stable and normal prices. But if you're looking to save even more money on the cost of building a new home with us, we can certainly discuss those options with you, which can include sticking with common materials, limiting highly skilled work such as fancier tile designs, custom shelving/closets, choosing laminate vs. granite countertops, choosing to finish the basement at a later date, and more.

But the fact is, we will work with clients however they want, within the budget they've set. If it's a truly custom home that you're looking for, with custom closets and cabinets, tile designs and more, we can no doubt accommodate you. We're here to help, taking care of the entire process from start - securing permits, construction, etc. - to finish.

If you're ready to start building the custom Painesville home of your dreams, be sure to contact our team today. We look forward to working with you!

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