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How Much Value Does a Remodeled Bathroom Add to Your Home?

Finished bathroom in Fairport Harbor, Ohio

There are dozens of reasons to remodel a bathroom: to increase the comfort of the space, to upgrade appliances (imagine better water pressure in the shower), or even to make the space more energy-efficient. Not only will these renovations help you enjoy your home more, but they can also make the house more appealing to potential buyers and increase home value.

There are many ways to make your dream bathroom a reality, starting with the different ways to upgrade.

Bathroom Remodel Design Options

Should you target a few key areas and upgrade, or completely gut and start over? Keep in mind, not all renovations help with home value. To begin, let’s look at the different kinds of bathroom redesigns:

  • Universal design means making the space accessible for all ages and abilities. This can mean planning for a future - growing older in your forever home. Or there may be a more immediate need, if an older relative is moving in to the home.

  • A midrange remodel can be understood as a remodel that costs $25,000 or less. But that budget can still guarantee high-quality materials (like tile and cultured stone) and upgrades for comfort and enjoyment of the space.

  • An upscale remodel, also called a luxury remodel, costs $40,000 or more (with some estimates at $80,000 or more on a single bathroom). Here, the sky is the limit, and you can make your bathroom an HGTV dream with rustic wooden floors or hand-painted tile. An upscale remodel might introduce high-end fixtures (like a vintage claw-foot bathtub, or an ornate shower head). This may be the right choice for your home and lifestyle, but be sure to research the value it will add to your home so you can balance this when planning your dream bathroom.

  • An addition means adding a new bathroom to the home that wasn’t there before.

How Much Value Will the Remodel Add?

By some estimates, the sweet spot is in the middle: A midrange bathroom remodel will recoup 66.7% of cost, while an upscale remodel recoups 36.7% of its cost, according to the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine. According to this same report, a universal design bathroom remodel recoups 46% of cost. For an addition, a midrange bathroom is expected to recover 54% of what the project cost.

Remember that these are estimates or averages, and there are ways to prioritize which upgrades have the highest return on your investment.

Aspects That Increase Value

The first factor to consider is, what kind of bathroom is being renovated? There are different value adds for a master bathroom, a full bath, or a half bath. Or this is an addition of a new bathroom entirely? This will also factor into the value.

Key areas to consider when evaluating your current bathroom and imagining its upgrade:

  • Ventilation: Add or upgrade the exhaust fan to keep the air fresh in this space.

  • Light: HGTV recommends giving a bathroom the same soft, calming lighting as a spa, so every day feels like a retreat. Upgrades to mirrors and vanities can go a long way to making the bathroom feel inviting. Your renovation may also add natural light, as well as new fixtures.

  • Energy- and water-efficient fixtures and appliances: Another way to recoup the costs of your renovation is to replace appliances and fixtures with more modern, efficient versions. This saves money over the long term if you stay in your home, but is also appealing to potential buyers.

  • Shower tile: A new shower tile can completely reinvent the entire bathroom. This is often a costly investment, but it is worthwhile to buy quality tile and ensure the installation is done right, so the new look can be clean and exciting for years to come.

  • Extra storage: Increasing the utility of a bathroom can be as simple as adding storage with baskets, units on wheels, shelving, additional drawers, or a multilevel towel rack. Choose an option that matches your style to help keep the bathroom, clean, organized, and functional.

Where to Begin?

Whether you have immediate plans to put your house on the market or not, you could start by imagining what a potential buyer would see when they walk into your bathroom. If the answer is mildew stains, poor lighting, or a broken shower head, the natural answer is to start there.

Whatever direction you take, you deserve to redesign or add a bathroom with a company you can trust. Marks Building Co. has the experience to guide your renovation - contact us today for a quote!

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