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Does a Deck Add Value to Your Home?

If you’ve recently purchased a new house or are undertaking a home renovation, you are likely already balancing different concerns as you decide how to set up or reimagine your living space:

  • What improvements to the property are most cost-effective?

  • What will increase the comfort of the home, and what will enhance the utility of each room?

  • Plus the eternal consideration: Will the changes I make to my home increase its market value?

If you’re a fan of cookouts or dining alfresco, great news! Adding a deck to a home can be a great way to increase its property value. Here are some other factors to consider:

Increases to Market Value

According to Bob Vila, there are several ways to upgrade your yard or outdoor area that add home value. But keep in mind, not every change or addition is guaranteed to increase value; there are some estimates that adding a pool could make a property less desirable to future buyers. Decks, on the other hand, tend to make a property more desirable.

While there are dozens of additions that can be made to increase property values, Nationwide Insurance estimates that installing a deck can increase a home’s value by up to 80-90%! If you’ve been interested in installing a deck for its great views and options for customization, you can add this increase in home value to your list of reasons to build a new deck.

Of course, this value is only maintained as well as the deck. If you choose to install a new deck, be sure to consider the safety and upkeep requirements it will take to maintain an appealing outdoor space.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

The goal of any home renovation or addition is to make time spent at home more comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, adding a deck can be a great way to get back that “bang for your buck;" that is, the money spent installing a deck is worth it once you and your family can start to enjoy spending time on it together.

You may find that adding a deck increases the amount of time you and your family spend outside, since it adds a safe and protected area to take in the natural world. It could be the case that you host more barbecues or gatherings because you’ve added a deck. These are quality-of-life indicators that aren’t only meant to be measured in dollar signs. The Washington Post has reported that time spent outside increases human wellbeing, so if a new deck inspires you and your family to get more outdoor time to unwind, spending that time in the open air may be increasing your health and happiness, too.

It’s Your Home - Enjoy It!

Martha Stewart Living offers several examples for how adding a deck to a home (and then decorating in an inviting Martha Stewart fashion) can increase your enjoyment of the outdoors: From sipping morning coffee on the deck to hosting a romantic date night under the stars, a new deck will be an extension of your home and add fresh new ways to enjoy your property.

Get an assessment on a deck construction for your home: Contact Marks Building Co. today

There are many factors to weigh when planning how to best enjoy your home. Contact our team today to help you evaluate your outdoor space, and decide if adding a deck works for you and your family.

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