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A Look at Our Custom Barn Construction Process

Building an Entertainment Barn in Northeast Ohio

As a full-service construction company, Marks Building Co. is able to take on any type of project, and we really excel at custom construction opportunities. Recently, we had the opportunity to design and build a custom entertainment barn for a customer in Chagrin Falls, which we're excited to share with you here.

If you're interested in hiring us as a custom barn builder, take a look at our process below to get a better idea as to how we might work together. We look forward to hearing from you on any residential construction project you might have!

The Preliminary Visit

We will typically meet with our customer onsite to go over their ideas and plans for what they are envisioning to be built. This is a critical step because each city will have restrictions and ordinances that may require a zoning appeal to be able to create the project they would like.

After a site visit to discuss what's possible, the next step would be for the Marks Building team to review the zoning code to see if there are any outbuilding restrictions or setback restrictions from the neighboring properties. Also in this stage, we will learn where utilities would be located and how it would be possible to get them to the planned building.

Consulting and Contract

At this stage, we will go over in detail an estimate and proposal for the anticipated building. Marks Building will either handle the drawings internally or hire one of our affiliate architects to help design and work through any city requirements. This is typically the first step, and while a formal contract is signed, if the plans are not approved after an appeal with the city the design and consulting fee is all that is collected.

We go over in detail the spreadsheet behind the estimate with our client so there is full transparency to add or remove items to keep the cost in line with expectations. Allowances are set for personal selections (windows, pergolas, siding material colors, etc.) during this phase of the process as well.

Plan Approval

During this phase, we work with the client through the city approval process, sitting in on a zoning hearing meeting and presenting our project to the board of directors for the city planning commission. During this phase we are very engaged in working to have the project approved and meet all the expectations for the city and our client. This typically takes 1-3 months depending on the city and how often they meet.

Permits Approved!

During this phase, we have already slotted the project for an anticipated start date and our crews are ready to move. Once the permits are approved, we like to immediately set a timeline with our client for anticipated start and finish dates. We will also work to set deadlines for material special orders and selections so there are no hold-ups during the building process.

Custom Barn Project Startup

A Marks Building project manager is assigned to the project and all communication is done through our construction CRM, which allows our clients to see daily project photos and advancements; this is especially helpful if they are out of town or remote to the job site. Daily conversations with our client occur during the construction phase and expectations are set weekly for progress. Our draw process aligns us with the client to be fair to both parties for work progressing as expected in accordance to the set timeline.

Finishing Touches and Final City Inspections

A punch list for final touch-ups is created with the client and final city inspections are completed to close our building permit. Keys will be delivered at this stage once the permit is closed; Marks Building has a one-year workmanship warranty on the project.

Off to the next project!

Want to Learn More About Our Custom Entertainment Barn Construction?

If you're looking to build your own entertainment barn, reach out to the Marks Building Co. team today. We'd love to hear what you're envisioning for a custom barn and how we might be able to help.

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