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Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Updated: May 28

It's always exciting to embark upon any home remodeling project, and the remodeling of a bathroom is one of the most fun to take on, but it also requires many careful considerations. Let’s take a look at some.

Key Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Plan and plan again: The single biggest mistake that comes with any bathroom remodeling project is not laying out the start to finish carefully. What exactly does this mean? Consider every step in the process. Replacing fixtures can also mean replacing things such as water supply lines or valves. This goes for toilets as well: Don’t forget about replacing your wax ring and maybe even your mounting bolts that become rusted and stubbornly difficult to loosen over time.

Another overlooked part of the project is new electrical concerns. Since you will most likely be replacing the fixtures, it is a great time to make sure the wiring is up to snuff.

Flooring materials are another consideration; how they stand up to moisture and whether they become overly slick and a bit treacherous for movement are to be considered.

Visualizing the finished project: Old-school application of this concept is bringing sample materials home to see how they will look in your space. The new-school method is the use of design software features available in downloadable apps for your phone or on many design professionals' websites free of charge, so take advantage of seeing what the end product can look like before starting and avoid regretting your decisions halfway through the project.

Ventilation: Bathrooms have lots of moisture, which can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew if the space is not properly ventilated. One often-overlooked inexpensive change is the upgrading of existing bathroom fans. They become a bit noisy and dirty over time because they are not easy to clean, so if everything else is going to be new, at the end of the day, what’s a few extra dollars to have a brand-new ventilation fan as well?

Material choices: Certain materials may look great on the showroom floor or even laid out in your bathroom, but will they be porous and lead to discoloration over time? Will they be durable and stand up to the abuses bathroom use can dish out? These are just a couple careful considerations, to say the least.

Fixtures: Size and functionality matter when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Not only do they have to look right in the space, but they also have to work properly within the space. Don’t force an extravagant fixture into a space that won’t work. Most times, a fixture supplier will have many options within a concept or design to fit any space and one within that concept will most likely work within your space.

Hire a pro: Purposely left for last, this is the single biggest easily avoidable mistake to avoid when it comes to bathroom renovation and remodeling projects. All guys think their toolbox can tackle any project, but there is no shame in knowing one’s limitations, and a bathroom remodel project is best left to a true contracted professional. Do your due diligence in selecting one but lean towards the hiring of one. You’ll thank yourself later and it will be the wisest expense of the project.

Work With Us During Your Next Bathroom Project

Marks Building Co. has more than 35 years of experience in doing bathroom remodeling projects throughout Northeast Ohio. When we say we've seen and done it all, we mean it, and we're dedicated to helping our customers achieve the bathroom of their dreams.

Like we mentioned above, there are so many things to take into consideration when embarking on a bathroom renovation project. If you work with Marks Building Co., we'll be there with you every step of the way, helping you to make the best decision that fits your scope and budget. We will go over every aspect of the project with you, ensuring you're comfortable at every stage of the process. No matter what type of bathroom you're envisioning, we can help you make it happen. Contact our team of bathroom contractors today to get started!

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